Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Challenge, See the Gifts of Each Day

Ann Voskamp does a monthly Joy Dare. I am going to post the daily dares here, so please share your 3 gifts of each day. I have found when others share, it gets the minds and hearts of those reading to look around and see the gifts they are blessed with each day.  I will also have these posted daily to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, so just follow the links to those pages if you would like to share the gifts of each day over there.  

September 1st Joy Dare Challenge - 3 Gifts of Summer.  For me, it's hard to narrow it down, as I LOVE Summer.  If I had to narrow it down today, I would say the warmth of the sun, homegrown tomatoes, and being surrounded by green grass and trees.  

What are you three gifts of Summer?  

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