Monday, December 31, 2012

What Will Be Your Story?

Tomorrow starts a new 365 day book for your life story. What will your story be? Will you live a joy-filled, worthwhile life, filled with love for those around you, no matter what may be going on in our country, our world, and life in general? We choose the legacy we leave behind each day, choose wisely and be the change you want to see in the world. One person can make a difference.  Will you offer hope, love, joy?  Will you care about those around you and not just focus on self, and the problems that face us each day?  Hope and love can change us.  Choosing joy, deep down inside us joy, can get us through difficult times.  What will you choose for 2013?  What legacy will you leave, not just in 2013, but daily?  Each day matters, each moment matters.  Will you choose to be defeated, or will you set goals and work to achieve them?  Will you offer hope to a hurting world?  Need some help with figuring out how to do this?  Contact me for a complimentary session, and let's get started in making 2013 life story worth sharing! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Week

One week until Christmas.  What is your focus right now?  Is it on all the things that have to be done yet?  Are you stressed out, grouchy, overwhelmed?  Do you feel like crying, instead of being filled with joy?  If so, your focus needs to shift.  Christmas is simply about love and hope.  We are the ones who have made it about overdoing on gifts, decorating, overspending, running ourselves ragged until we are ready to explode from stress.  

Have you taken time to stop, enjoy, and breathe?  Have you enjoyed the season by walking in the snow, laughing with children, looking at Christmas lights, listening to uplifting Christmas music, watching your favorite Christmas movie, or reading Luke 2 in the Bible?  It can be difficult to focus on the real reason for this Season...Christ's birth, followed by family, and sharing love with others.  I challenge you in the next week to take time to breathe, to laugh, to stop and be still.  Take time to focus on love with those around you.  Time with loved ones is precious, don't miss the opportunity to make memories together.  

When you think back over Christmas memories, what stands out to you?  Is it the gifts you received or the way you felt because someone took time to love, to give, to invest in you? My best memories are on simple things like decorating the tree as a family while listening to Christmas music, baking cookies and making candy with my mom, sister, and my Gram when she would visit during the holidays.  Also, driving around and looking at Christmas lights on homes, and attending Christmas eve services together as a family and focusing on the real reason for Christmas, Jesus, are times that are precious to me and forever in my memory.  

Where is your focus?  Take some time to be quiet, and enjoy the peace that this season represents.  Make memories with loved ones.  Find your hope in Jesus.  

Merry Christmas!