Monday, August 26, 2013

Slow Down and See The Beauty

There are many ways to take time to slow down enough to see and appreciate  the wonderful gifts of beauty that surround you each day.  We have to be intentional about taking the time to slow down.  If we don't, our days get away from us and we find ourselves at the end of a day, realizing we didn't really enjoy any part of it.  If this pattern continues because we allow our busy lives to keep us from enjoying life, the beauty of the world slips away from us until we forget to even look for it.  

Slowing down enough to see and appreciate the wonderful gifts of beauty that surround us each day also involves being intentional about looking for it.  It means disconnecting from social media sites long enough to really look around at the world that surrounds us, seeing the small details in a flower petal, a dragonflies wings, or seeing something larger like a sunset or a sunrise, a smiling face, the sparkle in the eyes of a young child.  

Don't let life just pass by.  Take it in.  Find hope in the beauty of creation.  Find hope in the Creator who gave you those gifts.  

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  1. I want you to know that your reminders to appreciate the little things and the beauty around us has really helped me to do just that. You are an inspiration!!!