Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Dance

I don’t want to miss the dance.  I get hung up on so many things in life,  worrying about what I will never do or achieve or have. But I don’t want to miss the dance. I want to love my spouse, care for my kids, and give life to my friends. I want to do the work God made me to do. I want   to love God and the world he made. I want to do my part to help it flourish, for my spiritual maturity is not measured by following rules. “The me God made me to be” is measured by my capacity to love. When we live in love, we flourish. That is the dance.
– John Ortberg, The Me I want to Be

How many times do we miss the dance? 
How many times do we turn away, quit trying, because we’re tired,  lonely, or forgot why we                         even cared in the first place? 
The world can be a difficult place to live at times. We need each other.
God wants us to love each other, serve each other.  He is asking us to dance without fear, so take                     the first step and enjoy the dance.

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