Friday, June 7, 2013

Dare to Simplify

Take some time this weekend to relax, slow down, enjoy the sights and sounds of Summer.  When is the last time you were quiet enough to hear the birds sing? I am listening to several right now.  Stop and look at some flowers and see the intricate details woven through their petals and leaves.  Creation is filled with many wonderful gifts, open them up and enjoy the gifts you have been given.  

Yesterday, I enjoyed a slower day than what my schedule usually allows.  I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on my front porch, listening to water flow through our fountain, reading a book, sipping iced coffee, petting my dog, and looking at the flowers.  We all need to take some down time in our week and just soak life in.  Busyness tends to rob us of the simple gifts that surround us.  Taking time to unplug and unwind can calm our hearts, and help us to find joy in the simple things.  Take some time to put technology aside this weekend, and unplug.  Listen.  Relax.  See the beauty that surrounds you. Be intentional about enjoying the little things in life.  

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