Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Legacy of My Friend

Five years ago today, a dear friend of mine lost her battle with cancer.  She was only in her early 30's, so her life, as we expect it to be anyway, was cut very short.  My friend taught me some amazing lessons as she fought the disease for six years.  

Don't live in the past, it's over, so let it be.  Don't live in the future because you aren't guaranteed anything more than today.  Live fully in today.  Don't waste the moments you are given, because each is precious.  Love those around.    Smile.  Even if you are struggling, care deeply about other people because everyone goes through rough patches in life.  Be an encouragement in the life you live, the words you say.  Love deeply.  Spend time with those you love and make beautiful memories, even in the simple, every day moments.  Cherish the people in your life.  Don't let tasks come before spending time with those you care about.  Tasks are just tasks, loving people is what truly matters.  Love and trust God.  Fall in love with all He is, and know He will take care of you because He loves you.  Deeply cherish your family. Speak kind and encouraging words.  Say I love you's, I appreciate you, you matter to me, and live that out. Words are just words if they are not followed by actions. Live a simple, quiet life.  Show people respect. Make sure to tell people how much they mean to you because tomorrow may be too late.  Look around you, and see the beauty of each day.  See the gifts God placed in your day, and enjoy them.  Creation is filled with His gifts.  

She didn't live like she was dying.  Cancer wasn't her focus, life was her focus.  Her family was her focus.  Living a life pleasing to God was her focus.  Encouraging and loving others was her focus.  Even though there were days that overwhelmed her with sickness and pain, she lived with a deep joy.  Her quiet life touched so many.  She is deeply missed and loved, but she left an amazing legacy in each life she touched.  We all should strive to be a little more like her, because the world would be a much better place if we lived life as she did.  

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