Monday, February 3, 2014

Change Your View

Perspective affects our lives.  

Do you tend to complain and be angry, or do you try to speak words that are uplifting and helpful?  Are your words negative, or words of praise and thankfulness?  This world is filled with sadness, ugliness, and hurt, but it's also filled with joy, beauty, and healing.  Which do you focus on?  Which do you you speak?  

What is your perspective?  

Where we place our trust greatly affects our perspective.  Is your trust placed in yourself, the powers of this world, in others, or in God?  God makes a difference.  He is in control.  He will change your perspective if you truly place your trust in Him.  

Do you need to change your perspective today?  What will you do to change your view?  What steps can you take to see the dandelions as wishes instead of weeds?  

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