Friday, March 15, 2013

Which Do You Choose?

Which are you best at, making progress or making excuses?  Making progress can be a small step, a small choice.  If  you want to lose weight, one small step to get started could be getting off the couch and walking for 20 minutes a day.  It will help.  Maybe you want to spend more time with your family.  Something like shutting off the TV and putting electronic devises aside for even half an hour, to spend intentional face to face time with them will begin to build quality relationships that makes lasting memories.  Each day, each activity we involve ourselves in is either something that benefits us to make progress in our life and relationships, or something that keeps us stuck in a life that we long to improve.  

I personally know that at times, it is easier to make excuses, than choosing to make progress.  However, when I decided to let the excuses go and start making steps towards change, I wondered why I had waited so long.  The rewards don't always come immediately, but each small step is a personal win because the excuses, and being stuck, have stopped, and progress, moving forward, has started.  The main thing is, don't quit!  Take those steps.  Make the choices, not excuses.

What will you do today to change your excuses into making progress in your life?  

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  1. I decided to stop making excuses last week and started to eat better. I already feel much better. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. ~D