Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is Your Life Overwhelmed, Or Have You Overcome?

What worry is weighing you down?  Worry destroys our health, our quality of life, even relationships.  Worry comes and seeps in to every part of our being that we ALLOW it to invade and consume.  It can be stopped, however.  We can stop it from overpowering our life, but it has to be a choice.  Some days, it's a minute by minute choice when we face overwhelming circumstances, or circumstances that appear to be overwhelming.  

As someone who has struggled with this, I understand how it can destroy health-body, mind, and soul.  I understand how it seeps into every area when allowed to do so, and weighs life down.  I also have experienced how it affects relationships, both because I was worrying, and because another was overwhelmed with their own personal anxiety so much, that they quit living life.  Thankfully, I have learned how to identify worry, stop it before it invades, and let it go.  There is great freedom in letting go of anxiety and stress.  

In what ways have you learned to overcome worry?   If you are currently overwhelmed by worry, what one step can you take today to let it go?

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  1. Anxiety is something I have struggled with for numerous decades. It has affected areas of my health, put me in bed for weeks, and destroyed relationships because I was stuck in a pattern of fear and worry. Two years ago I took charge of my life and have worked diligently to not let it overpower my life. If I do not remain on top of it daily, it creeps back in and I must extinguish it as soon as I spot it's ugly head.