Thursday, January 9, 2014

Life Theme for 2014

I posted the below post a year ago today.  I chose overcome for my 2013 theme, and I had many moments of overcoming.  I overcame some habits, I started to work out and reached goals in working out that I never imagined I would reach.  I haven't lost much weight, but I am stronger, feel better, and am continuing to build my strength. I overcame a fear of heights over water by walking across a swinging bridge that was close to 150 feet long and 100 feet high.  I overcame past hurts and found peace.  I could go on, but you get the idea.  

How about you?  Did you choose a word or theme last year?  How did yours go?  

What about this year?  Have you chosen a theme to live by for 2014?  I am sticking with overcome, and adding in intentional.  I want to be very intentional this year in relationships, in things I want to accomplish, and in the way I live my life.  

Join me, and share your theme/word.  I would love to hear your story!

From 2013:

What one word can become your focus for this year?  What one word do you want to be your life theme,  do you want to strive for, to describe your life in the year ahead? Put that word up in front of you, like on a mirror, a wall, your refrigerator, in your car, and live that word out each day.  Read books on that subject, look up quotes and verses that will inspire you to live that word out and make it your theme for changing something in yourself this year. 

My word is overcome.  It applies to many areas of my life already this year. 

Words have great power to change our lives.  

Here are a few words that may inspire you:

Courage     Hope     Overcome     Joy     Passion     Purpose     Forgiving    Worthy 

    Change     Discipline     Intentional     Empowered     Grateful     Transformation 

  Bold     Trust     Thankful     Health     Wisdom     Compassion   Balance 

     Perseverance     Simplify     Listen     Restore     Whole     Gentleness     Integrity

Fearless     Worship     Transparent     Friend     Quiet     Focus    Beauty

     Surrender     Humble     Action     Mercy     Laughter     Love     Grace     Peace

Selfless     Give     Content     Obedience   Truth    Faithful    

Worry-free     Organized     Strength

Self-esteem     Rest    Relentless

It doesn't matter if you haven't chosen a word yet this year, choose it now.  What is your word?  What will you do to live it out, to change things about your life?  Please share with me what word you will make your theme for 2013. 

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  1. Last year was a tough year, with a lot of loss. I felt defeated. I lived defeated. This year, even if it's a tough year again, I want to live in hope. I want to feel that I can have hope, no matter what I come against. I am deciding to be better, to pursue more, thanks to your guidance. Thank you for investing in me, for helping me to take steps to be a better person, and to see the hope that is in each day. Bless you.