Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gifts In Words

What are some gifts in words spoken to you this week? What has encouraged you, lifted you up when you were down, or helped to make you laugh? Have you had a compliment that made your day, or a kind word spoken just when you needed it? Be thankful for that today. Share a laugh, kind words, or encouragement with someone else today to help make their day better.

I met a friend for lunch a couple days ago, and we shared a fantastic laugh.  It felt so good, and we both needed it.  

I have been encouraged, as well, in some of my endeavors.  

I have tried to encourage those I have been in contact with this week, have done my best to share a laugh or a smile, and have tried to be kind to those I have come in contact with along life's path.  It does makes a difference! 

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